This is not a poem  (11/13/16)

Though I so wish it were…

A friend I hold dearly wrote today… 

“Ignorance is so difficult to conquer. Therefore we need to concentrate on massive education. Or should I say, education of the masses.” 

I’ve been pondering that all day….

Thinking of my 40 plus years in the classroom…. 

Teaching adolescents to senior citizens…. 

Convincing myself that “education” is as important as any other survival requirement….. 

But, then, I remember my mother….

Saying to me when I was 10 or 11…

“Carolyn, someday you’ll go to college and then you’ll hate us!” 

Oh how I protested then…and in all the years since…. 

I didn’t understand then how afraid she was. How she had been made to feel inadequate by teachers and “refined” friends and even her husband’s family….she thought she just wasn’t “good enough”.

Maybe I’m beginning to understand.  

I have testimonies that I was a kind, empathetic, teacher…. 

(Johnnie’s mother said I could share the title of mother with her….a woman of color from “the islands”….because I “saved” her son and got him launched on a career that eventually led to graduate work; I was honored) 

Few of us who love learning want to “hate” those who didn’t go to college…

We only want to share what we have learned….

Yet, I guess I have to learn that I didn’t want to learn

What my mother had been taught.  (I hope it’s not too late.)






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