Neti, Neti

                               Neti, neti

A few weeks ago I was on a Buddhist binge….

A scholarly conference at the University up the street

And an author talk at the campus book store.

At the conference the scholars….all deeply immersed in Buddhist studies….

Seemed only to be talking to each other……

in a way that (I thought) might send Siddhartha racing  from the Bodhi tree…..

On the other hand, the ethereal author (world renowned translater of Buddhist texts)….was virtually mute…..reluctant to articulate a sentence which might undermine the “wordlessness” of the Buddha’s insights….

I don’t know….but it seems that the “Middle Way” would suggest

Coming off each mountaintop?   (“not this, not this” …    n’est pas?) 

# # #

The take-away: “Mindfulness is the new mindless mantra.”

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