Stunned by Wonder

                                                  Stunned by Wonder*


We’re told the shepherds were.

And, I, returning to this familiar sanctum,

Remembering the night….

Exactly thirty- three years ago 

Sitting in the pine-scented balcony, embracing my precious forty- five day- old miracle, 

When my husband, out of breath from parking the car blocks away and racing up the stairs,

Whispered to me,

“I asked the usher if he’d seen a mother with an infant;  and, without missing a beat he replied, ‘Yes, we’re celebrating them tonight!’ “

The hopes and fears of all the years…..


*”On this holiest of nights, we come, joining the shepherds who are stunned by wonder.” (Call to Worship, The Riverside Church, December 24, 2016)

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